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Welcome to YOU (yes, you!) who doesn't fit in the old corporate stereotype of profit at all cost, individualism, short-termism and patriarchal leadership, yet wants to have a successful career not despite but thanks to your 21st century values and convictions!



Join the community of free thinkers, trend setters, curious minds, corporate activists, ruckus makers, trail blazers, pragmatic idealists, horizon seekers, peaceful rebels, deep thinkers, change makers, dream chasers, stubborn optimists, big corp hackers, status quo challengers and collaborative creators ... who believe large companies can have a positive impact on the world - if we help them from the inside out.

Listening to the Real You - a FREE 5-day course to rock your job

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A 5-day course off the beaten track to reset, rewind and rethink your relationship with work. We promise it does not hurt! 😅


With less than 1/2 h everyday and thanks to off-the-beaten-the-trail exercises, you will get in touch again with your deep sense of self and explore ways to reconnect with your authenticity in your job, in ways that serve you.


With this course you will:

  • Organize your thoughts about your needs, your strengths, your purpose
  • Create clarity on what serves you and what doesn't
  • Start exploring how to unleash your potential without necessarily changing jobs
  • Unapologetically tap into your authenticity at work for positive impact


So get ready to build an exciting career on your terms, and let's get started!

Join the community of corporate activists

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Technological, social, cultural, energy, economic - we are living in a world in transition. Some are waiting for it to happen, others are helping to shape the next version of the world, a more sustainable and respectful one.


But it can feel tiresome and overwhelming to be trying to make the system evolve, especially if you do not have a support network around you. It's even hard just to be yourself in a system that wants you to conform!


That's why we strive to create a network of like-minded individuals who can share their motivation, their doubts, their successes, their best practices and their learning, in a benevolent, supportive way.


Are you ready to join the movement? The magic happens HERE.


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The most politically incorrect blog about leadership and career development ever! 100% real humans, real stories, real life.

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